Organic SugaVida Turmeric Lattes


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Key Benefits

  • Powerful antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties
  • Supports digestive health
  • Naturally rich in B vitamins and minerals
  • Source of bioavailable vitamin B12
  • Contains secret ingredient SugaVida; our nutritious natural sweetener
  • Great Taste Award winning (Cardamom – 2 gold stars, Original – 1 gold star)
  • 100% Organic – no GMO
  • Contains high grade, hand roasted turmeric
  • Low GI
  • Available in 3 delicious flavours
  • Gluten, dairy, caffeine & refined sugar free
  • Mixes well with all types of milk and water
  • Suitable for vegans

SugaVida Turmeric Lattes

A modern-day health elixir enriched with ancient healing properties, SugaVida Turmeric Lattes are naturally sweet, delicately spiced, and bursting with B vitamins, essential minerals, and health boosting ingredients to promote an overall feeling of wellbeing.

Traditionally referred to as ‘Golden Milk’, these are master-blended by Ayurvedic doctors in India and can be combined with dairy, coconut, almond, soya or any other type of milk to create a creamy, indulgent, aromatic beverage that you can enjoy at any time of the day. Absolutely delicious, they’re the only Great Taste Award winning Turmeric Latte on the market!

Master blended with hand-roasted turmeric, a powerful Indian ingredient with proven health benefits, SugaVida Turmeric Lattes are a delicious way of incorporating this wonder spice into your daily diet. Each blend contains the finest quality organic turmeric containing a maximum amount of curcumin for optimal health benefit.

Health Benefits

Used in Ayurvedic medicine for centuries for its natural anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, turmeric is commonly used to treat aches and pains, lift the mood, boost digestion, improve memory function, and support the immune system.

Pain Relief

The powerful anti- inflammatory properties within our SugaVida Turmeric Lattes have provided our customers with sustained pain relief from arthritis, slipped discs and muscle & joint complaints. Check out our Facebook page for some of their video reviews!

Natural Defence Against Cancer

Turmeric provides a natural source of curcumin, a powerful antioxidant that gives this superfood its vibrant yellow colour. According to Cancer Research UK, a number of studies carried out on cancer cells show that curcumin has anti-cancer effects, particularly on breast cancer, stomach cancer, bowl cancer and skin cancer cells, and that early trials are proving ‘promising’.

The Elixir of Youth

With its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, Turmeric supports healthy skin and reduces the signs of premature ageing.  It protects against environmental pollutants, helps dry oily skin, evens out the complexion, and assists cell renewal to leave you looking and feeling radiant.

Supercharges the Immune System

Research shows that turmeric and curcumin boost the immune system so that it can fight infection and combat disease. In a study carried out by the Denver Veterans Affairs Medical Centre, it was revealed that curcumin could protect against drug-resistant TB, and so we have much to learn about the healing powers of this magical ingredient.

What’s in the blend?


Not all turmeric is created equally and there are huge variances on quality within the marketplace. Most shop-bought turmeric only has a curcumin (the active compound within turmeric) percentage of 2-3%. We source the highest percentage available, 7%, to ensure maximum health benefit.  Only four small organic farms in India can grow a 7% curcumin turmeric and we buy exclusively from them. It is essential that turmeric is certified organic because due to the global demand of turmeric, farmers are unfortunately turning to pesticides and chemicals to try and keep up with the demand.  As turmeric is a root, non-organic turmeric will accumulate heavy metals and toxins associated with pesticide and chemical use, which can lead to digestive problems and headaches.

Black Pepper

Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, Organic Black Pepper is rich in iron, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin K, and manganese. It also helps the body to absorb curcumin (the powerhouse of turmeric) to aid digestion and create a feeling of wellbeing.


Cinnamon lowers the blood sugar naturally, while providing a rich source of antioxidants. It can also help boost the metabolism, and its slightly sweet warming taste blends beautifully with turmeric.

Ginger (Spicy Ginger flavour only)

Mother nature’s natural antibiotic, Ginger boosts the immune system, improves circulation and brain function, and can help relieve everyday aches and pains. A superfood spice with delicious tangy flavours and delectable aromas.

Cardamom (Cardamom flavour only)

An aromatic spice indigenous to India, Nepal and South Asia, Cardamom is bursting with health benefits. It can help combat nausea, reduce bloating, lift the mood, and it’s even believed to have aphrodisiac properties. No wonder it’s referred to as the Queen of Spices!

SugaVida: Our Secret Ingredient

This delicious golden beverage includes SugaVida, a 100% natural sugar alternative derived from the blossom of the Palmyra Tree native to India. A rich caramel sweetener with a low glycemic index of just 35, it is tasty, healthy, and bursting with B vitamins and minerals, and its delicate sweet flavour complements turmeric to perfection.

SugaVida is the only plant-based superfood enriched with vitamin B12, which is known to improve your mood, promote hair growth, support healthy skin, and assist the digestive system, and so it’s a great start to the day, and the perfect pick-me-up after a long day at work or heavy workout.  It’s sustainably farmed and 100% organic too, so its kind on the planet, and kind on you.

Ways to enjoy 

SugaVida Turmeric Latte is available in 3 mouth-watering flavours, Original, Cardamom and Spicy Ginger. As they’re already sweetened with 100% organic SugaVida, there’s no need to add refined sugars and artificial sweeteners that will destroy its natural goodness. We recommend 1-2 8g servings per day. 

Hot Turmeric Latte

To enjoy SugaVida Turmeric Latte’s hot, simply mix a heaped teaspoon with a cup of your favourite heated milk or hot water and whisk gently to release the delicate aromas. A popular alternative to coffee, it’s caffeine free, so you can enjoy it throughout the day and as a bedtime treat to help you sleep.

Cold Turmeric Latte

If you prefer to start your day with a chilled smoothie or protein shake, add SugaVida Instant Turmeric Latte to the mix for a healthy boost. It mixes effortlessly with milk, water, and even raw fruit juices, so you can create your own concoction, and enjoy it on the rocks or beautifully blended.

Stir into Everything

The beauty of SugaVida Turmeric Latte Mix, is that it blends with everything. Stir half a teaspoon into your daily porridge, your favourite yogurt, or a fruit-packed smoothie, or blend with honey and pour over a bananas and berries for a tasty midday snack.

Add to Your Favourite Recipes

SugaVida Turmeric Latte can be added to virtually any hot or cold recipe to create a delicious and nutritious meal. For a savoury treat, try adding a teaspoon to your favourite cauliflower rice, zucchini spaghetti or gluten-free sweet potato bake to enjoy its health boosting benefits. Those with a sweet tooth can add a spoonful of turmeric latte mix to coconut cream, Greek yogurt or ice cream, sprinkle with honey and nuts, and enjoy!

Customer Reviews

We’ve gathered a series video reviews testifying to just how powerful the healing benefits of our SugaVida Turmeric Lattes really are!

  • This customer saw a significant reduction in pain from a slipped disc & nerve damage after trying our SugaVida Turmeric Latte, even to the point that she did not have to take her second round of pain-killers for the day! Hear her story here
  • This lady was suffering from swollen feet from standing at work all day. After trying our SugaVida Turmeric Latte the swelling has disappeared! See more here
  • Watch here how one customer tackles physically demanding 12 hour shifts with our SugaVida Turmeric Latte
  • This customer tells us how our warming SugaVida Turmeric Lattes provided him with sustained relief from pain & stiffness

And many more, including dramatic skin redness reduction and super fast IBS relief. Head to our Facebook page to view them all!