Balances Blood Sugar

Unlike refined sugar, SugaVida is made up of long chains of sucrose which are broken down slowly by the body. This provides us with a stable release of energy, avoiding the dreaded ‘sugar crash’!

SugaVida has even been granted an application patent (EU/ US) for blood sugar regulation, turning all perceptions of ‘sugar’ on their head!

So much more than just a sugar, with a low GI of 35 and only 3.1g of fructose per 100g, this amazing alternative is ideal for diabetics who still want to enjoy sweetness in their diet.

Reduces Sugar & Refined Carbohydrate Addiction

By swapping refined sugar for SugaVida, cravings can be ‘crowded out’ with our healthy alternative, which customers have found has reduced and even stopped them completely over time.

SugaVida has also been shown to promote the production of leptin, ‘the satiety hormone’ that prevents us from overeating.

No more sugar slavery!

Increases energy

SugaVida is a natural, ‘food state’ source of nutrients that, unlike synthetic supplements, is absorbed quickly and completely the body.

As an ideal source of B complex, the group of vitamins which convert our food to energy, SugaVida helps to increase energy and fight fatigue.

One of the most astounding aspects of SugaVida is that it is a rich source of bioavailable vitamin B12, considered the most important B vitamin for energy due to its crucial role keeping the nerve and blood cells healthy.

SugaVida is also a source of iron which supports red blood cell formation and helps oxygen transportation in the body,  helping to reduce tiredness and fatigue.

Just two tablespoons a day will give you all the vitamin B12 you need, so there’s no need to waste your money on expensive, ineffective supplements!

Improves mood, memory & focus

An increasing amount of research is uncovering the importance of B complex, particularly vitamins B1 and B12,  for mental and emotional wellbeing.

Vitamin B1’s main function is to convert energy from food in order to supply our brain with glucose. A lack of this important nutrient can to lead to poor memory, confusion and even Alzheimer’s disease.  

Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in red blood cell formation and deficiencies are common, particularly amongst vegans & vegetarians (SugaVida is the only known plant based source of Vitamin B12!). This can cause a myriad of psychiatric symptoms most commonly recognised as depression and anxiety.

B vitamins cannot be stored in the body and are destroyed by alcohol, nicotine, caffeine and refined carbohydrates, causing many people to be deficient.

Consuming just 2 tablespoons of SugaVida daily plays a huge role in safeguarding your mental health!

Better Sleep

SugaVida normalises blood sugar levels and when consumed before bedtime, helps to prevent your body from going either into nocturnal hyperglycaemia (this is when your blood sugar levels rise during the night and expresses itself by you needing to get up to go to the loo), or nocturnal hypoglycaemia; this is when your blood sugar levels fall and you wake up in the middle of the night feeling sweaty, hungry and thirsty), leaving you to enjoy uninterrupted sleep.

SugaVida is also an adaptogen. This means that alongside giving you energy during the day, the naturally occurring vitamin B12 levels help to produce melatonin, the ‘sleep hormone’ which allows us to fall asleep at night. SugaVida is also a source of magnesium, well known to relax the nervous system and improve our quality of sleep.

Body Balance

In order to function at its best, our body needs to be at a slightly more alkaline than acidic Ph level. Poor diet (particularly one high in refined sugar & carbohydrates), alcohol, smoking and stress are all acid forming casualties of modern life, which alkalising SugaVida helps to combat.

The other major dictating factor of general wellness is inflammation; our body’s response to healing injury and infection. This process, whilst normal and vital in the short term, when goes it on for too long it becomes chronic and therefore problematic. Chronic inflammation is linked to almost all mental & physical conditions, from mild acne & low mood to arthritis & heart disease.

A healthy diet and lifestyle is essential to keeping inflammation under control. SugaVida, which has been granted a patent for inflammation, is an easy, accessible and delicious way of helping you achieve this.

Finally, SugaVida also promotes the production of glucuronic acid, a substance which helps the body to detox from harmful substances. This helps us to feel energised & vibrant, with a strong, balanced digestive system and beautiful skin, hair & nails.