We are committed to making health & well-being easy, accessible and delicious with SugaVida.

In order for us to achieve this, we follow a number of guiding principles.  


We are the first and only company to bring you 100% pure Palmyra blossom nectar in powdered form. This delivers versatility and ease of use, allowing SugaVida to be used as both a stand alone product and a premium ingredient in food & drink manufacture.

We have also harnessed SugaVida’s many medicinal & taste benefits within our unique blends & natural remedies.


Quality ingredients deliver quality results. By sourcing directly from our small organic farms in India, we consistently ensure the best, in- season crops free from chemicals, pesticides and any other nasties.

Unlike other importers of Palmyra jaggery on the market, our SugaVida is guaranteed to always be 100% pure, and never cut with sugar cane or coconut sugar.


Palmyra trees play a vital role in the lives of the South Indians, and form an essential part of community living.  All parts of the trees are used in the daily lives of the locals, which have over 800 edible, medicinal and functional uses!

We use wild harvesting methods to ensure no damage is caused to any part of our Palmyra trees and that no tree is ever cut down. In 2018 we began a replantation programme of Palmyra seedlings, with an aim to to replant over 5000 seedlings in the coming year.

Positive Impact

We work directly with the farmer cooperatives in India to provide fairly paid employment, celebrating the usage of the Palmyra tree and benefitting the lives of the community at large.

In Western society, it is our vision to make a positive impact on the diabetes & obesity epidemic with SugaVida.