SugaVida founder Kristina Locke first came across Palmyra blossom nectar during her Ayurvedic studies in India. After repeatedly coming across the ingredient both in ancient texts and modern Ayurvedic doctor’s prescriptions, Kristina soon discovered that this was nature’s ultimate superfood after experiencing its wonderful therapeutic benefits and taste for herself!

With obesity, diabetes and other serious health problem on the rise in the West, much associated with our high consumption of refined sugar, Kristina made it her mission for us too to access this delicious and healing product.

Known locally as Palmyra jaggery, it was not suitable for export in its then current block form, unfiltered from bugs, grit and dirt. This raised the challenge to find a way of turning it into a powdered form versatile enough to be used by consumers all over the world, but without losing any of the precious nutritional value through heating.

After much research Kristina discovered a dedicated local partner who could perform this process without damaging any of the nutrients , with a proprietary process, ensuring an unadulterated final product of the highest quality.  

Choosing the brand name SugaVida, which literally translates into ‘sugar of life’, this is the very special product you hold in your hand today.