Ayurvedic Digestif Mix – The Multi-Award Winning Natural Digestive Aid

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Multi- award winning d’mix combines SugaVida with specially selected herbs & seeds to create a delicious yet powerfully effective natural digestive aid.

“After suffering with bad food poisoning I developed IBS, and almost became a recluse from feeling constantly bloated & uncomfortable. Then I discovered d’mix. Within 2 weeks I had started feeling better, and will continue to take it after every meal!” – Kirsty N

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Multi- award winning Ayurvedic Digestif Mix combines Palmyra Blossom Nectar with specially selected herbs & seeds to create a delicious yet powerfully effective natural digestive aid.

It the only natural remedy that works to re-train the digestive system to break down food properly, and has helped over 100,000 people worldwide with their digestive issues to date.


The ingredients within this specially formulated blend have been used for thousands of years worldwide for their powerful digestive properties.
Together they work in five key ways:
1) Promotes healthy chewing habits: 70% of our digestive enzymes are created in our saliva and become more powerful the longer we chew our food. Failure to chew properly can contribute to a number of digestive difficulties; however chewing Ayurvedic Digestif Mix after meals promotes a long term behavioural change of healthy mastication habits.
2) Strengthens and tones the digestive system: The essential oils released within the herbs & seeds when chewed have a stimulating effect on the gut wall lining, helping to fully break down our meals. Over time this can help to strengthen the digestive system and get the entire mechanism working smoothly together.
3) Helps to maintain natural restoration of stomach and colon lining: Ayurvedic Digestif Mix has an alkalising effect in the body which often promotes healthy cell renewal and repair in the gut.
4) Helps to repopulate the gut with beneficial flora: a healthy digestive system produces all the necessary pro and prebiotics needed to break down our food.
5) Cleanses and detoxes the body: We believe that Ayurvedic Digestif Mix can aid in the detoxification of your major organs helping you to better absorb vital nutrients from food and supplements
After as little as ten days, thousands of customers have seen an end result of a well- balanced, fully functioning digestive system which leaves them free to consume the food and drinks they love.

Used by medical doctors and nutritionists worldwide, Ayurvedic Digestif Mix does all this naturally with no side-effects or contra-indications. It is also safe to take during pregnancy.

How to benefit from Ayurvedic Digestif Mix


Shake the tub well and chew half a teaspoon full thoroughly (25-30 times, takes less than a minute!) after each main meal (only use on a full stomach). We recommended a 2 month course for best results.


“I suffered from severe acid reflux for over 2 years. Symptoms would set in within 15 minutes of me finishing my food. Within 3 days of using d’mix my acid reflux, along with my other digestive issues, had disappeared”Caroline W

“I have a history of gluten intolerance and since I started taking d’mix about 2 months ago I have noticed that I am less bloated, the cramping has reduced dramatically and I don’t have so many flatulence problems.  I find it really easy to chew after every main meal and enjoy the variety of flavours in the mix” – Sally W

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me my life back! Ever since I started to take your d’mix I forgot what it is like to have any digestive problems whatsoever. My husband and I are amazed that after so many years we have stumbled upon a product that works all the time and is 100% natural” – Belinda J


WINNER Best Food Supplier – Institute for Functional Medicine Awards 2015
WINNER Natural Pharmacy Awards – Natural Pharmacy Awards 2013
Best Detox Product – VOGUE UK 2013
WINNER Best Food Company – Institute for Functional Medicine 2012*
Voted top colon cleanser – Natural Health Magazine
Recommended as the #1 antacid – The Daily Telegraph
*runner up

INGREDIENTS: Fennel seeds, peppermint, liquorice, jaggery, dhania dal, ajwain, flax seeds, hari patti bitter leaf, sesame seeds.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 cm

1 month supply (1 x 100g), 2 month trial pack (2 x 100g), 3 month Reset & Rebalance course (3 x 100g), 6 month supply (6 x 100g)

26 reviews for Ayurvedic Digestif Mix – The Multi-Award Winning Natural Digestive Aid

  1. Jilly Williams (verified owner)

    My husband really likes the d’mix

  2. Penny Parry (verified owner)

    The seeds taste delicious and I am sure they aid digestion.

  3. Lorraine C. (verified owner)

    I have been taken D’mix for over 5 years and it has healed from the pain of IBS, allowed me to eat a small amount of wheat and set me free from constipation.

  4. Caroline Mccormack (verified owner)

    The D`mix has really helped with my digestion.

  5. Helen M. (verified owner)

    This seed combination is magic! We experienced an immediate change, and ongoing benefits as we continue with our daily chews. Thank you.

  6. Caroline McCormack (verified owner)

    This product has made my digestive system so much better. I couldn`t be happier with the product

  7. Graham (verified owner)

    Does what it is claimed to do!

  8. Anita Almond (verified owner)

    Love this stuff!!!

  9. E S. (verified owner)

    Has really made a difference to digestive transit.

  10. GILLIAN BROWN (verified owner)

    absolutely delicious and seems to aid digestion well – would certainly purchase again

  11. Caron W. (verified owner)

    I’ve only just started taking this again, however it worked really well the last time I used it

  12. Suzanne Dore (verified owner)

    This little pot of goodness has changed my life.

  13. Arminell (verified owner)

    This is new to me having seen it at the Get Well Exhibition but have really grown to love it now.

  14. Sharon Lee (verified owner)

    Fantastic product!

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Delighted to have received my order as last supply had expired. This digestive aid is so helpful.

  16. graham C. (verified owner)

    Best digestive aid I’ve ever had, sluggish system back to better than normal.

  17. Marion N. (verified owner)

    Wonderful .

  18. Anonymous (verified owner)

    I rely on my daily dose d’mix to assist me with IBS. Certainly makes the world of difference.

  19. Stefanie D. (verified owner)

    I am very happy with the d’mix. It is well packaged, pleasant to take and I can feel the benefits even after a few days. Why did I not hear of it earlier! Highly recommended.

  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    They take a while to kick in (up to a month) but once they do, they help greatly.

  21. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Im using this as recently had a visit to A&E ( I will leave to your imagination! ) this product I believe is helping me digestion and tastes nice too.

  22. Ranjani Verralls (verified owner)

    Helping me with my digestive issues

  23. Nina Vincent (verified owner)

    Delicious and healthy

  24. Anonymous (verified owner)

    My first time trying this and my bloating particularly after eating carbs is much improved.

  25. Louise W. (verified owner)

    I swear by the D’Mix for any digestive problems. I suffered the most terrible acid stomach to the point i needed to have surgery. I took this before and it reduced the acid significantly, (regrettably not before the damage was done) I now recommend this to anyone having difficulty. I take it daily to maintain a healthy digestion.

  26. Ann (verified owner)

    Very easy to use, just half a teaspoon after meals. Thought it may be difficult to chew and swallow, but nice and easy, tasty. Taken it for a week and managed to lose a bit of weight already!

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