In the focus to address the worldwide obesity and the diabetes epidemic, we have forgotten that our bodies need sugar to achieve overall balance, and that good sugars are a foundation of good health.

Whilst Western medicine tends to criminalise all types of sugars, Ayurveda considers the Sweet taste to be the most important, and suggests that it should be make up the largest part of our diet.

Medicinal sugars such as Palmyra Jaggery (SugaVida) nourish both our body and mind by satisfying hunger & thirst, improving immunity and stimulating positive emotions such as joy, love and contentedness.  

SugaVida in particular is considered to have a calming effect and strengthening effect on the physiology, attributed largely to being low GI and fructose. Playing an essential role in restoring optimal balance to the body, SugaVida’s unique compound Palmyrin.

White sugar on the other hand, has an aggravating effect on all body and personality types (known as doshas), and is recommended to be avoided across the board.

Radical sugar elimination diets are not necessary (phew!), but it is important to get to know your sugars and make the best choice possible. It is our mission to make your health & wellbeing easy, accessible and delicious with SugaVida!